Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back from the Mint

Back from the Mint Museum's 6th Annual Potter's Market Invitational. Once again it was a great show, and the selection of pottery was outstanding. I had hoped to get some pictures of other booths but time was not available for that! I did get to visit with many potters and customers that I hadn't seen for a while, came home with a few pieces from Matt Jones and a nice order for the new Mint Museum gift shop opening in downtown Charlotte in a few weeks!
Anna King, Pam Owens and Jennie just before opening

This was my first time with my new booth set up. We have streamlined a lot of it, so we are much more organized, have a lot fewer "pieces" and a much better look. Lighting was not so good in the tent for a photo, it was overcast (which was great for temperatures for the day!).