Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning Garden Walk

The past two weeks I have been consumed with caring for one of our cats Rusty. he developed two very bad cases of toxoplasmosis and gingivitis. Two awful infections that led to partial paralysis. He is making progress, though still unable to walk or support himself. He did pull himself along this morning for a tiny little ways. Thank you to everyone that has been sending good thoughts to him, they are working!

Coming in May, (once I have my two shows: Spring Days in Cary this Sat and Historic Rosedale in Charlotte on May 7) behind me and Rusty back on his feet, I will be doing a pay it forward give away. I won a beautiful Hawaiian hat band from Leslie Williams and now it is my turn! I'll post some images of iems that I will give away to 5 people chosen from a drawing of everyone that posts a comment on that posting.  Part of my bargain with the universe was that if Rusty gets back on his feet, the first one will be a nicer piece of jewelry. So check back later in May!

I took a little walk around the gardens this morning. We are under tornado warnings and hope nothing comes this way, and our thoughts go to all those already affected.
Irises in the patio pond

The 3rd of the clematis to start flowering

These petunias in 3 colors are coming up everywhere! We have several hundred of them just in the pots!

Purple irises-the blooms over here are over 6"

All the rose bushes are flowering

Peonies getting ready to open up

Apple mint anyone? No? Then spearmint or lemon balm? All three make a wonderful tea, hot or cold! Massive amounts growing here!
And in the vegetable garden
The end of the second lettuce and spinach crop. This is from the February planting. YUM!

Lots of big asparagus, this is twice the diameter of my thumb.

Beans and squash. Wes started the squash, cucmbers and tomatoes from seeds.


Onions are getting big and round