Friday, May 27, 2011

And The Winners Are

The Official Contest Drawers! Look at Ruru..he couldn't jump up there on his own but he tried (and I helped him). He is doing so well and this event was dedicated to him!  Wes drew the names and Ruru purred.  We had 12 names in the drawing and the winners are (and this was a truly pure drawing):

Sterling Hoop Earrings-Kathy, Michelle, Hal
Bunny earrings-Tami

I may need your addresses, so e-mail me

This is a pay it forward, if you have a blog, please do a give away like this. If not, then commit yourself to doing 4-5 random acts of kindness (above and beyond the ones that you normally do!!)

What a fun thing this is and I know you will all enjoy "paying it forward"!!! Keep it going, think outside the box!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pay It Forward

I was the receipient of a pay it forward event on Leslie William's blog. I have had so much going on in nursing Rusty back to walking, company, shows etc that I am now finally getting around to this! for those that followed Rusty, he can walk, can't jump up onto things, but he is doing really well. And his fur is growing back in, though he may  not want it in this weather.

Pam and I just returned from a great trip to Dataw Island in SC where we stayed with wonderful friends, kayaked, rode bikes and had a generally fantastic time!

Here are the pay it forward items. Everyone that makes a comment on this blog gets their name put into the hat, and Wes will draw the winners. I'll give several days for comments. So if you want a chance at some free jewelry, just make a comment!
Sterling silver necklace with a peachbloom pottery stone and black onyx.

Hand forged sterling silver hoops (1" diameter)

Pottery cab earrings, sterling silver earwires

Pottery bunny cab earrings-sterling silver ear wires