Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ballantyne Magazine and a Teapot of Ours!

I'm sorry I have been too busy to post lately! I was excited to see Samantha's post about the article in Ballantyne Magazine that features pots of Seagrove including one of Bruce and Samanthas of  Bulldog Pottery and one of mine and Pam's, as well as some of our neighbors in Westmoore, Michael Mahan and Westmoore Pottery and one of Whynot. Thank you Ballantyne, and thank you Sam for pointing it out!

Pam and I do collaborations, similar to the one above, on teapots, she makes the teapot and I do the handles and lids in sterling silver, forged, stamped, formed. We've done these collaborations over the years and they have been  very successful and we appreciate all that have supported our efforts! It has been really a nice thing to be able to add my work to the teapots and I appreciate the magazine attributing the teapot to me, but it was a collaboration of both of us, not just me!! Credit must be given to all that deserve it!!

If I could turn pots like Pam, well wow. She is some thing and someone, so creative, smart, fun, interesting, and she is my BEST friend!! I feel so lucky to have my sister be my best friend, and to have someone like Pam be my sis! Life is good, very, very good!

It is cold here, very cold for this time of year and we have had snow-yippee!! Bring it on, but maybe wait till January. We have had the wood stove and fireplace going and the house has been very warm. Kitties in the morning like to stay close to the fire--this is less than 2 feet away from the fireplace. Chester has taken the pillow I made Bacchus, as his own, and Tasha has resisted leaving the heat to letting Rusty hang out above her. This is huge, she is a princess, but she is my princess!

Tis the season, be kind, be loving and make some changes and start the new year on a positive note!