Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mama Mia, Mother Nature

April 19, in a matter of minutes, during a strong storm, Mother Nature swept through and knocked over large oaks and took the roof of the barn with her. That was the only damage, though we watched a tree snap in half and fall less than 10 feet from our house.

The next day was Celebration of Spring in Seagrove, and it was a great day, at least in my corner of Seagrove. Many people came out and enjoyed the day. Thanks to everyone who worked to put it togohter and to all that came to Seagrove.
This ought to yield some firewood!
The barn has plans for a remodel,  but it wasn't supposed to be right now!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Freshly Mined

The Celebration of Spring is coming up on April 20. These are mostly refires that I did yesterday. Now they all want to go to the studio to become something pretty to adorn a new person. Jugtown opens at 8:30 on the 20th and we will all have lots of great new work available. There are lots of shops participating, you can get the map here.
I will also be participating in the Sanford Arts and Vine Festival May 4-5, 2013 from 9am-4pm. The show is under new management now and I hope you will come out and visit.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kind of Almost Wordless Wednesday

I have been making gingko leaf necklaces for over five years now and I don't ever get tired of making them. New pendants and at the bottom on of the more elaborate necklaces that I haven't made for several months. I will be exhibiting at the NEW Sanford Art & Vines on May 4-5, 2013. The show is under new management so I am giving it a try. Hope to see you there.