Friday, October 7, 2011

The Potter's Palette

It has been a while....sorry I have been so busy, travel, company, shows, stuff, life!! I am so happy to report that I received a beautiful merit award at the Artsfest Show in Winston-Salem. It is so nice to be recognized, especially when there are a lot of jewelers there. I was pleased that Nell Chandler also received a nice award for her wonderful jewerly.

I've had company (M&D!!!!!), and been out of town etc so have been remise in my journaling. It is so great to have family and friends here.

As a NC Pottery Center Board member and supporter, I am excited about another event we have coming up. A couple of Board members organized this event, inviting  NC clay artists to submit a 12"x12" canvas in whatever medium they like. The event, The Potter's Palette, is on October 28 and details are here.

I also was asked to submit a piece. I have never worked with acrylics, never really done anything with painting, but once I tried it, wow, I love it! We'll see if anything else ever comes out. But for what it is worth, here is my very first acrylic painting and I hope that whoever takes it home finds it worthy of it's donation! (The image is much darker than the actual painting!) It will be a fun event, tickets are $150 if you want a painting, and $50 for "tag-alongs" or anyone just wishing to support the NC Potter Center. So if you would like to support it in a small way, buy a $50 ticket or come and visit and join, but please come and see us and enjoy the wealth that the NCPC has to offer.