Sunday, March 29, 2009


This was my 10th year exhibiting at Hickory. WOW! It is so great having Wes with me, not only to help set up, break down and as my husband (not in that order), but I get to run around on occasion and snap some photos! Attendance was good and people were buying although I definitely sensed a different buying pattern.

Here are some photos of our friends! I have a couple more but the internet is not cooperating with me today!

Tyler and Sherry (Caldwell-Hohl) -Tyler came down to help them set up!!

Sherry and Bill-their work looked great!

Naomi (Bandanna Pottery) -Michael was busy with a customer. Naomi and Michael make wonderful work.

Ed and Bruce (Bulldog Pottery) with our mutual customers and friends Jeanne and Ben (Hi Ben and Jeanne!!!!!) from Ohio. Bruce had the most awesome covered jar. I hope it went to a good home and wish it had gone to mine! Not to snub Samantha, all their work is really outstanding and if you haven't seen it you are missing something amazing.

Our good friends Benjamin and Bonnie Great White Oak Pottery

Daniel Johnston with one of his masterpieces. We got a couple things from him, but not on this scale unfortunately! We love Daniel's work and as you probably all know he is a great guy!

Maggie and Freeman Jones (Turtle Island Pottery)-don't know where Molly was but she did come by the booth and we had a nice chat. No more cat's up the tree, I hope that that is in our futures!!!!

And the booth minus anyone to sell the stuff!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Nice Taste of Spring

Wes and I got back from a quick trip to Savannah! We were going to meet a friend who had to cancel so we decided to go anyway. Sat we stopped in Beaufort, SC for lunch and then went on to Tybee Island for the night. Of course it was overcast but not rainy, and Sat was cool. Good thing we brought some sweaters!

What we didn't know was that St. Patrick's Day was so big in the Savannah area. The second largest celebration in the country, as a matter of fact! All the fountains in Savannah were green. Everyone was wearing green and all the bars were wide open. From Friday till St. Pat's Day you can buy a drink and take it with you. Felt like we went to New Orleans! People are really into it down there. We got to Tybee during the parade so it took forever to get to our inn. We were greeted by the inn owner and he treated us to a glass of wine while the parade ended up (highlight: the Budweiser horses). We had a great dinner at Sundae Cafe. It looks like a dive in a shopping center but the food was fabulous!

Sunday was a beautiful day in the high 70's, just slightly cloudy. No need for sweaters today! Our room looked over the river and River Street, but was far enough away that we had no noise! Plus it was the peak of azaela season. I wish I would have taken some photos driving down Victory Drive-beautiful homes and flowers!

We had a great brunch on the River, wandered around town and the squares. Dinner was at Vic's on the River. Again another great meal! Giant scallops with an adouille risotto and oysters Rockefeller as an app-yummy!

We love vacationing! Monday we took our time driving back. Spent the morning buying things in Savannah, then stopped in Waltersboro at the antique shops and artisan center. Even though it was only 3 days, it was a great get away.

So Happy St. Pat's Day and if you are really into it, book your room in Savannah now for next year!

Friday, March 6, 2009

And then it was spring

Monday I posted snow pictures and birds in the snow. Today I am posting bird earrings, new idea and boy does it feel like spring out! Not sure how these will do, commentary is welcomed!!

I got an order from my web site yesterday for 5 pairs of earrings, all the same. I made them up, tumbled them overnight and finished them this morning. Then I entered the credit card-invalid number, next I phoned- invalid phone number. Oht oh.Google shows there is a person of that name, living in that city with the same area code and zip code. I even got to have a look at the house thanks to google (nice looking house BTW)! So I emailed, we'll see. Why would anyone take the time to order 5 items, enter address and cc for nothing? Well that's what I'm hoping anyway. Doing too many things at once and switching numbers around. Been there, done that! We'll see.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow!

It is so pretty when it snows here, which is usually rare! Growing up inNew England we knew what snow was. These are the views from our back windows. Spring is right behind this though, someone told me it would be 70 here on Saturday. Might be a good day to visit Seagrove and see what's new!

It has been a very busy time lately. I attended the Allison McGowan workshop on handbuilding. It was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to giving Allison and her friend a tour of Seagrove. She got her grad degree at Alfred so has some things in common with some of my very good friends!

Wes and I attended the shiitake mushroom growing workshop at STARworks and innoculated two logs with shiitake spore #4. Hopefully this fall we'll have a good mushroom crop! Of course I forgot my camera but we met some nice people and I was pleased to see how well atended it was.

And I had a very nice surprise last week. I had been invited to set up in the exhibition hall for the National Association of Developmental Educators. They emailed me a week and a half before the conference, so I busily got to work making up earrings and bracelets and necklaces and stuff. It was a nice event and thank you to everyone that purchased from me. It was a great surprise and big stimulus to my economy! Wes and I went to dinner at 1618 Seafood Grill on Thursday after the event. It was fantastic, so if you are looking for some good seafood in Greensboro I would highly recommend going there!

On that note, I need to get my tax information printed out and finish up the end of the month stuff. Hard to believe we are over two months into 2009 already.