Friday, March 6, 2009

And then it was spring

Monday I posted snow pictures and birds in the snow. Today I am posting bird earrings, new idea and boy does it feel like spring out! Not sure how these will do, commentary is welcomed!!

I got an order from my web site yesterday for 5 pairs of earrings, all the same. I made them up, tumbled them overnight and finished them this morning. Then I entered the credit card-invalid number, next I phoned- invalid phone number. Oht oh.Google shows there is a person of that name, living in that city with the same area code and zip code. I even got to have a look at the house thanks to google (nice looking house BTW)! So I emailed, we'll see. Why would anyone take the time to order 5 items, enter address and cc for nothing? Well that's what I'm hoping anyway. Doing too many things at once and switching numbers around. Been there, done that! We'll see.


csr said...

So I have to be honest - I am not a big fan of the animals. I love where you got your inspirations -but I don't generaly buy jewelry with literal interpretations.
Just my own personal preference. I am sure there will be a market for it though. And if you are going to do it - I love the mix in metals.

JLK said...

I did these because my pottery birds have been so popular, though these are more work!! all of them have sold so far but don't know if I'll continue to do more of them or not! I go off on tangents sometimes. The great thing about being self employeed!