Sunday, March 29, 2009


This was my 10th year exhibiting at Hickory. WOW! It is so great having Wes with me, not only to help set up, break down and as my husband (not in that order), but I get to run around on occasion and snap some photos! Attendance was good and people were buying although I definitely sensed a different buying pattern.

Here are some photos of our friends! I have a couple more but the internet is not cooperating with me today!

Tyler and Sherry (Caldwell-Hohl) -Tyler came down to help them set up!!

Sherry and Bill-their work looked great!

Naomi (Bandanna Pottery) -Michael was busy with a customer. Naomi and Michael make wonderful work.

Ed and Bruce (Bulldog Pottery) with our mutual customers and friends Jeanne and Ben (Hi Ben and Jeanne!!!!!) from Ohio. Bruce had the most awesome covered jar. I hope it went to a good home and wish it had gone to mine! Not to snub Samantha, all their work is really outstanding and if you haven't seen it you are missing something amazing.

Our good friends Benjamin and Bonnie Great White Oak Pottery

Daniel Johnston with one of his masterpieces. We got a couple things from him, but not on this scale unfortunately! We love Daniel's work and as you probably all know he is a great guy!

Maggie and Freeman Jones (Turtle Island Pottery)-don't know where Molly was but she did come by the booth and we had a nice chat. No more cat's up the tree, I hope that that is in our futures!!!!

And the booth minus anyone to sell the stuff!

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