Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow!

It is so pretty when it snows here, which is usually rare! Growing up inNew England we knew what snow was. These are the views from our back windows. Spring is right behind this though, someone told me it would be 70 here on Saturday. Might be a good day to visit Seagrove and see what's new!

It has been a very busy time lately. I attended the Allison McGowan workshop on handbuilding. It was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to giving Allison and her friend a tour of Seagrove. She got her grad degree at Alfred so has some things in common with some of my very good friends!

Wes and I attended the shiitake mushroom growing workshop at STARworks and innoculated two logs with shiitake spore #4. Hopefully this fall we'll have a good mushroom crop! Of course I forgot my camera but we met some nice people and I was pleased to see how well atended it was.

And I had a very nice surprise last week. I had been invited to set up in the exhibition hall for the National Association of Developmental Educators. They emailed me a week and a half before the conference, so I busily got to work making up earrings and bracelets and necklaces and stuff. It was a nice event and thank you to everyone that purchased from me. It was a great surprise and big stimulus to my economy! Wes and I went to dinner at 1618 Seafood Grill on Thursday after the event. It was fantastic, so if you are looking for some good seafood in Greensboro I would highly recommend going there!

On that note, I need to get my tax information printed out and finish up the end of the month stuff. Hard to believe we are over two months into 2009 already.

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