Thursday, February 19, 2009


This morning I found google alerts advising me of a new pottery war. It is interesting the spin that the press will put on things, or perhaps it is just that they are being fed a bunch of nonsense. As a member of the Celebration of Seagrove Potters steering committee and Co-Chair of Publicity, I have been working with Susan Greene to help put together another community event. It was decided upon once Phil Morgan announced that a new show was being done in Greensboro and was being called the Seagrove Pottery Festival. And it was being done on a weekend that has been the spring kiln opening weekend over the years when people are used to coming to Seagrove. As a business owner in Seagrove, I am not alone in wanting to draw people to our businesses and to experience the uniqueness of this community. Interestingly enough we have quite a few potters that are working together to help draw people here. Take a look at to see how many openings there will be in April. And over 75% of the potters supported the Celebration in November.

There are a lot of people in Seagrove working together to promote this community in a positive manner. As a matter of fact, a great majority of potters are working together. There are only a few in the area that are trying to create a rift. Perhaps Richard Gilson's daughter summed it up pretty well when she stated that her father would be appalled to see what has happened in his name. These are my thoughts on that matter and do not necessarily reflect all the potters thoughts, but maybe!

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