Sunday, July 14, 2013

Butterfly Galore........The rain has been so plentiful and wonderus!

We have so many butterflies this year. Is it the rain, that brought the flowers, that brought the butterflies?

Such pretty flowers abound

Bees love the echinachea, such a beautfiul healing plant, lets watch the bees and see where they lead us!

Sun patiens and geraniums, along with an over exuberent iris, she send her seeds all over and though we thought she was a water plants, we have them all over! But really huge in the water garden-time to separate her!

Inside the Rose of Sharon

What a Pretty Lady!

Sphynx like she is, and abundently accompanied in our gardens, we have loved having so many of these beautiful moths, just like a hummingbird but smaller. We have many, many hummingbirds around the feeders this year.

Many butterflies this year, and many zinnias to accommodate them!