Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's Growing in Your Garden?

Well the Celebration is behind us. Many happy potters gave us nice compliments as did many of the customers.

Now I am contemplating just growing a garden (period)! Parley, dill, oregano, tarragon and cilantro are up and growing in the new brick raised herb beds in the veg garden. Along with tomatoes, radishes, daikon, spinach, beans and onions.

100 baby basils are growing in their little pots, soon to have some new homes here and there, as well as 55 red bells and a couple of Swiss Chards. And again this year my linguisas sprouted-I seperated them today into their own pots. Gloria and I are going to do a trade, as are Pam and I!

The big azaela lived through the construction, though smaller than it used to be!

The clematis are beautiful on both sides of the fence. And for you water hyacinth issue followers....that is part of the pond in the left photo. Nothing like last year, but, alas a ways to go! And the deck that the "happy hour" will soon take place on!! Hummingbirds have emptied that feeder already!

And my beautiful purple columbines never fail! Next to the Asiatic lilies that I transplanted when the carport came down last summer. Multiplied by many.

We are so pleased that so many of the plants came back and are coming on strong. Spring is a great time! Wes and I are into our next outdoors project which we have really been enjoying working on together. More on that soon!

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