Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Do Things Look So Good in the Dark?

I took some photos outside this evening. It was/is absolutely gorgeous out, below 80, low humidity and I sat out on the patio and sipped a Jamison's after a good dinner from the grill. This is how the weather in Seagrove should be every summer night!!

Ruru (aka Rusty) has made this his home. He has been on some homeopathic treatments for the past few days to stabilize his system and tonight I think he tired to tell me it is working. Just have to follow him around in the morning and see where he stops to do his biz!

The fishes kiss Bacchus when he drinks from the pond, but somehow they know to go low when Rusty goes for his drink! Above Wes and Bacchus are loving the nice evening weather.

Look Mom, no weeds!!!

New work going to Greenhill Center for the Arts in Greensboro tomorrow! And hopefully some to my website next week!!


Michael Mahan said...

It was a lovely night. I sat out in our garden sipping a Smithwick's myself.

cookingwithgas said...

It softens everything and summer is just magic.... I swear I saw a fairy floating by in your garden!

Ticket said...

You just never know what you might see out there!

JLK said...

It is a nice place to sit and enjoy in the evenings, weather permitting!