Monday, July 20, 2009

Sipping and Selling on Saturday

We spent the weekend in the mountains where the weather was fantastic! It was 50 degrees on Saturday morning. This was my first time at Winefest. The big tents were set up right next to the north fork of the New River (2nd oldest river in the world!!) People started checking in around noon for the afternoon festival that ended aobut 5:45.

Gayle Winston is the owner of River House and a wonderful hostess. The restaurant has great food and the setting and ambience are very relaxing. If you want a retreat to the mountains near West Jefferson, make a stop there

One tent housed the wineries and with your green wrist band you got a glass and unlimited tastings. They were also selling wine by the glass and bottle, which I think everyone paticipated in! What a way to do a show. Beautiful setting, cool weather, sipping wine with your customers all day! Great music by several different bands.

Warren and Brenda with Wes, were our hosts for the weekend and each morning Warren had a fire going in the fireplace, in the middle of July!!

and when we got home, more tomatoes!!!!


T.Gray said...

I have become a fan of Round Peak merlot. Buy it at Weaver's St in Hillsborough when they have it. Hope you sold jewelry as well as had a good time!

JLK said...

We were sipping a bottle of Round Peak chardonnay all afternoon-the oaked one. They didn't have their Merlot there, but Wes tried the other reds. Yes sold some jewelry and had a great time!