Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Big Headed Turtle

The things we see around Jugtown. I was heading up to the shop this morning and saw this little guy by one of the kiln shelters. I got Trav to identify him and hold him for me. What a big head for such a little guy! Trav relocated him to the water garden as he was a long ways from water, given his size, though his speed through the grass was something. He is a very young snapping turtle. I looked but didn't see any other family members around.


Val said...

That is the tiniest snapper I have ever seen! I have seven big snappers I can identify ranging from saucer sized to bigger than a big wash tub. They come around to eat the apples on the ground the deers haven't gotten to! I call them my pet dinosaurs.
Your new leaf necklaces are AWESOME. I am ready to sell my children on Ebay for the Kinko-leaf one pictured! (Wait-I don't have kids!) That treatment is particularly effective! I just wore one of your beautiful creations at a big art eent yesterday, and got lots of comlements, as usual.

Val said...

Hee hee-oops!
That would be
"Ginko" leaf, not Kinko copy centers!

cindy shake said...

How cool is that?! He almost looks like he was cast & Raku fired -ha! Very prehistoric looking, what a fun find.

JLK Jewelry said...

Yes he is prehistoric looking!

Thanks Val! they are fun to make.