Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebration of Seagrove Potters

Shame on me no pictures, but I am sure that Samantha will have some more on Bulldog's page. Sam and Bruce are our resident behind the scenes photographer and marketing subcommittee for Seagrove! Many, many thanks for all the work that they do for our area. AND to my luck, they are my neighbor at the Celebration. Wow, what wonderful work they have (will try to remember my own camera tomorrow!!) and I am so lucky to count them as my good friends. If you don't know their work, check them out above. They do the most incredible work, the colors, crystals, images, surfaces, wow. Absolutely amazing, Sam and Bruce are incredibly talented!

What a  great event so far. Thanks you to all that came by the booth. It was great to get to meet and re-meet people like Heather from our Facebook note and earlier Hermitage meeting, to so many faces and friends from each year. I love these events just for this reason, to see all of you and sometimes get a glimpse at earlier stuff I've done! And to say missing those of you that couldn't make it (Jeanne and Ben, boo... first pottery fest missed in a while isn't it? and thanks for sending word). And to all my new friends and customers. Thank you all so much!

I hope you can come visit the Jugtown Pottery Holiday Kiln Opening on Sat the 4th of December. Doors open at 8:30, (museum opens at 7am with hot drinks and warm snacks  to keep you warm in between window peaking for your preveiws!) . Come stock up, and then doors open a bit later for holiday kiln openings at Chris Luther, Westmoore Pottery, Bulldog Pottery and Thomas Pottery. Go to this page to find NC Pottery Events.

Again thanks to all who came by , Ihope to get my web site more updated, thanks for looking at it and I'll keep at it! Any questions or comments??? Email me!!

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