Friday, February 24, 2012

Growing, Living, Loving

February 24, 2012! How fast time goes and what a mild winter we have had. Last year our first asparagus popped up in March. I've had a feeling this year would be different, so I have been walking by the asparagus beds when I am out walking Bacchus. And, voila, numero uno! Not a big, fat one, yet, like last year's, but a brave sole popping it's head up. Life is special, it keeps popping back up, no matter what conditions it falls under. I live in a very special place and am a lucky girl!!  

A spot of purple captured my attention as I stepped onto the patio this morning. We have a lot of columbine growing in all the flower beds. This lone little plant, growing under a beautiful large oak surprised me. The other larger plants are way behind, but this little beauty has opened up and is sharing a gorgeous flower.

Coral bell, already sending up flower shots. Please don't let this one be damaged should the weather turn, but geez it is only February!

Beautiful daffodils all around

Helleborous, now this is what is supposed to be flowering now, along with Daphne, which I neglected to photograph but is doing well after 8 years! (I just read an article that said Daphne won't last more than 3-4 years....mine has been in a pot in the same spot for years. Sitting prettily over my sweet boy Keiko's grave. Keiko was the best and  most wonderful cat, my bestest friend and companion for many years. He taught Tasha, Chester and Rusty to be who they are and left some of himself behind in each.  I am absolutely sure the reason that Daphne is thriving, and the beautiful Jasmine that I bring in each year that flowers in Jan and Feb. Keiko stays with me in plants and memories.

Lettuce in one of the beds. We have eaten really well all winter. This is just an example of what we have been eating since last November...that along with arugula, other mixed lettuces, spinach, chard, kale, Asian greens, the list goes on.

Sweet Toot!

Even the oaxalis is showing it's pretty face.

This is what one would expect to see in February in our yard.

Petunias, verbena bonsaris, mullein campion....this stuff won't stay in the garden, it insists on coming up in between the slate on the patio. Even annual verbena is coming up there. It will be pretty, well some of it! The petunias spread but flower from early spring until frost and spread like mad. What a wonderful surprise they turned out to be!
Beautiful vinca, flowering all month long!

Salsa or Thai anyone? We have loads of cilantro growing, even in here with the beets and  Swiss Chard. As a matter of fact, it is growing everywhere around here, even in the flower beds around the patio. But, since we love cilantro, it is a great thing!

February?? Next year in January??


Michèle Hastings said...

your gardens are beautiful as always! i am "green" with envy... lol.

Linda Starr said...

oh you are growing some of the things I had in my mountains gardens in the past, columbines, helebores and did you make your own hoop for your bed of lettuce? I might be able to adapt that for my raised concrete vegetable bed since the rabbits discovered my snow peas?

JLK Jewelry said...

Thanks! Yes Linda, Wes made them. It is pvc pipe. The raised beds have 2x6's around them that the pvc attaches to, and then we are currently using 4 mil plastic. It allows us to grow all year long!