Friday, March 1, 2013

Like a Lion?

It doesn't seem that way today. March seems to be coming in like a breath of spring. February passed by quickly, and i stayed busy in the studio coming up with new pieces and getting ready for the Catawba Valley Pottery Festival in 3 weeks, as well as starting an etsy shop and updating and upgrading my web site. 
I ended the month with a fun day out shopping with my sister! Bring on spring, I have some new clothes to wear:)
The plum tree is flowering

as is the rosemary

Daffodils have been flowering since mid February

as has the vinca!
Even the koi and goldfish are swimming near the top of the fish pond. Lots of good things are happening. Thank you universe!


cookingwithgas said...

Today is one of those days that makes it worth being here in the summer.

JLK Jewelry said...

Indeed! Summers are pretty brutal but we have all these wonderful spring days to tease us.

Linda Starr said...

oh look at your rosemary blooming, wonder if you are going to get the cold we are getting right now?