Sunday, November 23, 2008

Celebration and Sadness

Well the Celebration is behind us. It was a fantastic show, however, our neighbors and friends, Chris and Lisa Luther lost their shop and pet dog last night in a fire. It was a devastating event to say the very least and how quickly things like that can happen. This community is quick to pull together, our Potters Relief Fund booth dedicated all sales today to them and first thing we manned their booth, pulled out our wallets and when Chris and Lisa came in, everyone was there to show them what they mean to us. There is a lot to be said about living in a small community and this one is close knit. If you don't know Chris and Lisa, they are really wonderful people and Chris is a hugely talented potter. I had wanted to buy some of his pieces for a while, and I got some beautiful ones today. And look forward to the new pieces that he will create, because I know they will be spectacular.

The Celebration was very successful and I am so sorry for Chris and Lisa that this had to happen. If you don't know them, please try to meet them sometime, you will be delighted. They are both kind, gentle and fun people, very special. And look for Chris's pots, because they really are nice.

Our Celebration was well attended, 5000 in a first year just "ain't bad"! We worked on a small budget but thought things out, stayed positive and optimistic, spent lots and lots of time on things, developed new friendships and many people worked together. Because this is a community that cares about its fellow artists, thinks of each other as friends and family, and wants to see each and every one of them succeed as business/artist/friends/partners, not as competition or taking business away from "us or me". It has been a great time of making new friends and relationships and getting to really know people and what they think and how they operate. How a community needs to operate, the good for the whole, not selfishness and just one business thinking only what is best for them. I, for one, have learned a lot about many people and made a lot of new friends. This has been all about unity and working together, not about competition and who can take business from who. So don't listen to the small amounts of negativity you may hear or read about, because it "just ain't true"!! The majority of Seagrove potters and clayworkers "have each others back", as Wes says. In the end, I believe, it was a win-win for all because now this community is more united than ever before. And I believe that the majority of shops feel that way too.

I think this event showed that that is exactly what this is about. This afternoon I even thought, well maybe I will go for Publicity again (BUT ONLY if my sort of New now, Good friend Susan and I are in it together, because we both think we make a good team and we sure can have some good fun together!! Ain't that right you classy broad!)

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