Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Musings, things we discard

I found a piece of sterling onto which I had fused some copper and then tossed it away as unusable some time ago. Monday it reappeared and I saw it in an entirely different light. Funny how those things happen, something different can seem so important that you easily discard one thing, when it really was something you should have worked on. Happens with all kinds of situations, doesn't it, what is important and what isn't. What to discard and what to hold onto in life. Interesting choices.
I incorporated this piece into a new earring and then spent some time trying to recreate the original. Can you guess which was the original!! I couldn't get it the way it was that day many months ago, but have found that I can work at it and get something that I really like. Hopefully others will like them too! I'll have them out at Jugtown and at the Celebration of Seagrove Potters where Jugtown and I will have adjacent booths. Many of us have spent A LOT of time working on this and hope that we will have a good turn out. There will be lots of different items there, and lots of similar items, but something for everyone. Oh and if you need Gala tickets, I can get them for you, $35 pp for tons of fun!!


mahanpots said...

I like the "discarded" piece. I'm glad you found it.


Jennie Lorette Keatts said...

me too. Too often it is easy to throw away something important without even realizing what you are getting rid of! It happens in all aspects of your life, just have to learn what is important and how to work with it!!