Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Day Gardening and Ideas

Wes and I decided to try an experiment in the garden. We built this tunnel over our lettuce patch on New Year's Day. We also did a more make-shift one over the Swiss chard. In anticipation of this week of cold weather we wanted to see if we might be able to prolong our produce harvest. I looked in this morning after two nights in the teens and the lettuce looked great. So did the Chard.

I harvested the baskets on New Years Day. Arugula, cilantro, daikon and turnips.

I am slowly breaking back into work, starting with phone calls and editing and uploading holiday photos! I've got lots of new ideas for many things I would like to accomplish this year and add to my line this year and so will be working on my business plan as well. Time to turn my focus back to creating my work.

This year I hope to do some different shows. I have been invited to do a show in Dunwoody, GA in May. The producer of this new event created and produces the Norcross Art Fesival. These shows are by invitation only so I am looking forward to exhibiting there, as I have long wanted to do a show in Atlanta. I have also been asked to set up in the beginning of April at a large International Horse Trials event not too far from here and a beautiful stable and B&B. As I have done some equestrian jewelry in the past that will give me another new outlet for ideas!

I have some other ideas percolating as well incorporating other media than clay and metals, or should I say adding another media to those. I need to test my skills and buy some equippment first though on that front.

So here I sit at work, plotting out the future as Tasha and Chester lounge behind the Jotul (the best gift they could ever have received) and Bacchus takes a snooze. Our pets are not spoiled, not at all!

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