Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy and Slippery Saturday

4" of snow and then sleet and now 25 and snowing very lightly. I was hoping for about 14" of snow! Oh well. It is pretty out. We took Bacchus out for a walk (all decked out in his NH winter outfit) and went over to Jugtown, so that I could take a shot for Nancy.

Nothing like a big (huge) pot of green chile on a cold day, and lots of food for the birds.

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Laurie said...

Hi Jennie. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog post. I appreciate that! I love your snow pics. It really was a pretty snow. I can tell Bacchus & I would be great friends! I volunteered at the Seagrove Celebration, & saw your booth there. Some pretty things. Very nice to "meet" you!