Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Contest, but it is about you!

I have been focusing on my Facebook page too much lately, then decided to update my web page but my web host doesn't seem to be able to work with me, time to change hosting companies. I am switching from Frontpage to Dreamweaver, which I hated when I started doing the www.CelebrationofSeagrovePotters.com web site, then got used to, and then started really liking it so switched www.NCPotteryCenter.org over to it. NO problems! So let's think about my own site. Got it all set and ready to publish, doesn't work with Dreamweaver and what they gave me as specs. time to switch Hosting companies. Stay tuned and hopefully my web site will be changing somewhat and getting more up to date!

www.NCPotteryCenter.org will also be changing as I have been appointed to replace a former board member and so will be (hopefully!) going on the Board next weekend!! The NCPC is a great organization and I will be so happy to be adding what I can to their BOD. If you are not familiar with it, please visit the web site, come to Seagrove and visit the NCPC and see that it is truly a museum of great importance. We, in Seagrove, are so very lucky to have a museum of this caliber located in our little town of many pottery makers, and oh yes, Seagrove is the largest community of working potters in the US, so maybe it all is just fitting as it should be!

Celebration of Seagrove Potters was a great endeavor, took many hours each week and I have loved my involvement in implementing it. Time has come to let others take over and move on to other things! And one can spread one's self a bit too thin when one is volunteering time on something that one really likes doing! (Note to self, remember that!)

Now onto another topic that I just posted on my JLK Jewelry Facebook page. If you aren't a fan and are on Facebook please become a fan and a friend. Following is a post I just did on Facebook. I would love to see some comments here! I know that there are at least a couple of you reading this. And yes, marketing myself better must become a priority this year, well at least make the list this year!

OK JLK Jewelry fans, I'm thinking we ought to have a contest for a piece of jewelry. I'd like to build up the number of fans on my page, but those of you that are already fans ought to have at least 2 entries or more if you can bring in more fans in this contest. So tell me, is there something you'd like to see me do?

I know a lot of what I do is one of a kind... so give me some ideas on how we can do this....create a one of a kind to enter to win, you design it-I make it (this could be fun best design gets made and won-this could become a series!!!), I make something and post it. I am open to ideas so post them or email me at jennie@jlkjewelry.com, but I would sure like to get something going soon!!

I know a couple of people look at my blog, so please leave some comments or email me privately at jennie@jlkjewelry.com. I'd like to do this contest both here and on FB, but I want it to work for those that want to win something and that like my work. Plus this will help give me inspiration, and maybe get me past my leaf fetish.....more pix to come on that subject!!!

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