Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's In the Bag

I intimated earlier this year that I was working on a new idea. This is phase one! I have made a series of tote bags using reclaimed upholstery sample swatches for the exterior. The insides are lined with the upholstery samples or a heavy cotton duck lining. The handles are woven cotton. Right now I am using the tassels on them, however this morning I applied various oxides to a variety of stoneware buttons that I made. They are being fired in the wood (salt) kiln here at Jugtown later this week. These will be used on the bags. The bags show are approximately 9.5" tall x 11" x 7."

I didn't know that I would like sewing! It is a nice break though from the chemicals and sharp edges I work with in jewelry making each day. I will post some of these on my web site for sale and will have them at some shows with me.
Don't forget the Annual Fund Raiser for the North Carolina Pottery Center is coming up next month on April 25th! Many loyal potters from around the state are donating pieces to help raise funds for this wonderful museum located in Seagrove.

They will be auctioned by Leland Little Auctions & Estates, and will be available for viewing soon on his web site, auctionzip.com and the NC Pottery Center web site. I had a chance to see some of the pieces the other day, and there is a great selection. You don't have to be present to bid in advance, which is the great thing as this is being promoted nationally, so spread the word and take a look!!

Hope to see you at one of my upcoming shows!


Blaine M. Avery said...

They look great Jennie!!

JLK Jewelry said...

Thanks! Let's hope more than you and Wes and I like them!!

Lara O'Keefe said...

cool Jennie!

Val said...

Never enough tote bags! How are the ceramic buttons working out?