Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seagrove Potters for Peace-August

Turning Stoneware into Schools
Saturday, August 14, 2010 9am - 5pm

This is the second year that my neighbor, Beth Gore of Cady Clay Works, has organized this fund raiser to benefit the Central Asia Institute. This is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Last years fund raiser was based on Greg mortenson's book, "Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Journey to Change the World…One Child at a Time". This year's is based on his book, "Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan".

I do not make vessels, but am participating by making Clay Dove Pendants that are stamped on the back SPP (Seagrove Potters for Peace). There will be limited number porduced and they will not be available until August 14th at 9am! I had hoped to post some images of some of them, but my kiln pooped out on me and so I am waiting for parts before I can fire them!

http://www.seagrovepottersforpeace.com/ lists all the participants, and here are the details!

24 potteries will hold a sale of specially signed vessels to help Greg Mortenson build schools in impoverished areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan as a long-term solution to terrorism. (Sorry - no early sales!)

Each pottery will produce a unique item, specially signed for this event. The pottery will be for sale at the individual shops on Saturday, August 14 from 9am to 5pm. There will be no early sales, but any remaining items can be ordered by email or telephone on Monday, August 16. Some potteries will also have copies of Mortenson's books for sale.

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