Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where Did June Go?

Whew, June flew by! We drove Wes's mother back to PA after her visit with us in the beginning of June. We were right on the edge of Amish country and spent a couple of days up there. We went to an auction with Uncle Louie-a building supply auction. If only we had a truck and trailer with us. All kinds of stuff, the best was lots of reclaimed and recycled wood. Big, long (20+ feet) beams that went for under $30, 2x4's on a pallet at .50 each. Doors, windows, outdoor furniture, lawn mowers, insulation, pallets of rock, water storage tanks, you name it! This is the same auction we got our 350 gallon water storage tanks that will be collecting water from the roof of the new barn that is going up as we speak!

We stayed in Lititz at a B&B for a couple nights and went down to Intercourse and Blue Ball. What a disappoinment! It is so commericalized. The drive through the countryside was lovely, the huge Amish farms and gardens are something. We did come home with lots of cheeses, some Amish and some from a wonderful cheese and exotic meat shop we found in Lititz. Although only 3 days were spent not driving on highways, it was a great little getaway.

I do have some work available here at Jugtown. Also the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, The Artist's Theater in West Jefferson, freehand in Los Angeles and the NC Craft Gallery in West Jefferson all have gotten in new work from me in the past month. I plan to update my web site, which has been sadly neglected since I discovered blogging and facebook.

Stayed tuned to my next coming post about the Seagrove Potters for Peace. I have been working on my pieces for it and will do a post soon.

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Laurie said...

Isn't salvaged stuff wonderful, Jennie? I'm so glad you reminded me of the Potters for Peace. Last year, I was creating a new green tea soap, but ran out of time before the event. I just noticed my stock of them was low today, so I will be sure to make some soon!

JLK Jewelry said...

Hi Laurie! Yes it is. This auction is something and happens once a month. Unbelievable the long, old, wonderful beams, boards etc. I hated that we couldn't bring some home! Wes did however, s.lavage some good old oak boards from our little "corn crib/smoke house" that the carpenters will be fixing to combine with our new "barn". They had more of the big water storage tanks at the auction this month. Now I hope we will have some rain once we get ours hooked up!! What a glorious thought tho have 1000 gallons of rain water sitting for the garden!!

My kiln elements went out on my SPP firing :( Big bummer. hopefully all will fire fine once I get the new ones in. for once I was a bit ahead of schedule :) Green tea soap sounds great-i would love to make some soap, just like I want to learn wood working and welding, andturnin pottery and...and...and

thank you for responding!!! It is so nice to have acknowledagement of our writings!