Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Need Earrings?

I just set stones in a new batch of earrings. All sterling silver with pottery cabochons and semi-precious stones. They are in the shop at Jugtown and will soon be on my web site!
Weathered Bronze pottery cabs with amethyst and moonstone

Chinese blue with labradorite
Turquoise with cobalt with moonstones

Peachbloom with garnets

Weathered  bronze with amethyst and 14K gf
Peachbloom with labradorite
Turquoise with cobalt, moonstones and 14K gf
Peachbloom with garnets


Laurie said...

Pretty work! Unfortunately, I'm SELLING my earrings this week, to pay the bills!

JLK Jewelry said...

Time for this economy to take a turn for the better!! Your canned goods look yummy, as does all your soap.