Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seagrove Potters of Historic Busbee Road

Here is our new rack card for the Historic Potters of Busbee Road. There are 10 shops along Busbee from 705 to right around the corner to Jugtown Pottery (home of the Busbee's). We got together as a group and recognized that we have a lot more to offer collectively for the shopper as a group, a wide variety beyond pottery,something for everyone when you visit the Potters of Historic Busbee Road! Not everyone coming to Seagrove is looking exclusively for pottery and we have options for them, as well as the pottery shopper.
We have a world class and renowned Blacksmith, Jerry Darnell (who is at John C Campbell School teaching this week), Jerry's shop has so much fun work, plus you can see the forge and talk to him and see what and how he does everything, talk about an educational visit! Wes and I love to stop by there.
15 +/- potters working at 10 shops creating such a wide variety of pottery that there is something for everyone. Several shops offer crafts, Jugtown offers a wide variety of American handmade work from wood, to glass, to textiles, candles, cards, books, and more, to metals, to me......Turning Mud into Gemstones, handmade stones set in sterling silver. Not the kind of ceramic jewelry that you find in many shops. My work is all hand done, set in sterling silver, hand fabricated designs that are one of a kind, quality jewelry made for a lifetime!
Cady Clay Works offers a variety of complimetary items to pottery and Westmoore Pottery has the most wonderful hand blown glasses that go so well with all their beautiful reproduction pieces.

All the shops offer something different. We have museums at Jugtown Pottery and Original Owens Pottery and one to open soon at Chris Luther's showcasing his family line of pottery. Check out our Facebook page and look for our brochure at the NC Pottery Center and in our shops when you come to see us, or email me if you want a larger copy emailed to you!


Laurie said...

What a great idea! My woodstove tools came from Jerry. The glasses at Westmoore are gorgeous. There are definitely a talented bunch of folks on Busbee Rd.!

JLK Jewelry said...

Yes there is a lot to be found on Historic Busbee Road!! I got hinges and a latch for the well house from Jerry and want to get another set for the new barn! Come and visit us!!