Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craziest, Most Difficult Customer? Wanna Play?

Anyone Want to Play? Tell  your story of your strangest or craziest customer interaction??

I have one to beat the band (and everything else you can imagine), but don't want to play alone! If you'll share I will and maybe we can write a column or a book!

I have so many fabulous customers-friends out there. I am lucky to have not had many, if any,  weird interactions and I LOVE my customers/clients/friends, and so you all will probably like this one or, at the very least, find it unbelievable.

Just a hint 56 emails! Let me know, this could be fun! Hide the names to protect the guilty too! Here or by email!


Michèle Hastings said...

When I was selling real estate and working for a developer in NH there was a guy who came into the model home and would ask for a tour. He would then complain about the high cost of real estate in NH, (these were 55+ condos in the $400 - 450k price range) and say that he was retired military and if he was in Tennessee he could buy a house like this for next to nothing. He would show up every few months with the same story and pretend like he had never been in before. After about 3 visits I called him on his bluff and from then on had a good time giving it right back at him. A couple of years later I moved on to a new project for the same developer in a more affordable neighborhood in Massachusetts. Sure enough he showed up with the same song and dance! He was quite surprised to see me there. This guy was what I called an open house "stalker". If you did enough of them, the same people would show up over and over again... none of them really in the market to buy real estate! ...this is just one of many from my real estate career :-)

Spirited Earth said...

while exhibiting at an All ceramics crafts fair one customer asked if my Raku clay rattles were made out of rubber..?????

JLK Jewelry said...

Good ones! Mine is someone that ordered 4 pieces of custom jewelry, sent me 55 emails in a week with many specific instructions. didn't pay attention to my instructions to measure for proper fit. thought it was my fault they didn't fit right and I should take them back (a lot more weent on there)! then sent an apology 2x and said she loved them. Now wants to return it all again, even the one she tried to manipulate herself (bending, removing parts that she specifically outlined in one email). Can you charge for time spent answering and reading that many emails!!