Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air, but March will coming marching in!

Boy is it difficult staying inside! It is so nice out there. We played in the paddle boat on the pond this weekend and that is just what I want to go and do today!  But I am staying at the bench, the Catawba Valley Pottery Festival will be here before we know it. Well, I might go home a little early. After all you can find a lot of inspiration in playing with nature. Today I have been making bird themes...songbird pins and roosters too. They are in the tumbler and will have patina applied and stones set tomorrow. Pendant and pins have been my mode the past couple of days.

Oh, and how could I forget! I am doing bolo ties now too. I have had requests for them over the years and finally have done some. I will make some women's also. You think western wear will go over in NC??

I have a new look on my website now and I hope you will go take a look and let me know what you think of it. I also have an  up to date page of jewelry currently available to purchase now.

I am hoping my new thermocouple will come. My kiln is loaded with stones I hope to be fitting into my Best of Kiln category. you never know till they come out though. It really stinks to glaze, load and turn on the kiln only to have it not work! So stay tuned for some hopefully really cool stones to be coming out to be new jewelry! Now I am going to look for some tutorials on making images go where you want them on your blog!


deanandmartinpottery said...

It really is nice out there today. Hope ya'll can get out there tomorrow- they say it is going to be about 74. Maybe you can have a long lunch and take in some rays

JLK Jewelry said...

It is wonderful isn't it! Living in the south is nice.