Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 24

Yesterday was a big day for us, following a LOT of changes and events so far this year. Pam and Vernon drove us to Carthage to have the magistrate marry us in front of the library. It was really nice! We stopped off for coffee, and then wine with Pam.

Several friends came by last night for our little get together. I made food in the morning, cilantro lime shrimp with a great dipping suce, pork tenderloin with a huckleberry sauce (thanks Cindy for the huckleberry preserves), cheeses, bean dip, baked chard and spinach tart (from our garden), bruschetta, etc!

The new island is an excellent gathering spot. Our friend Patti had a beautiful wedding cake sent to us. It was delicious and such a nice surprise. It was a great evening!

Now to get back to jewelry and enjoying our home! Thanks everyone!!

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Joe and Christy said...

Congratulations! We wish you happiness and joy together!