Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Barley Day

I needed to make a dish for a birthday lunch at Jugtown today. We had brown rice with spicy beans last night and I had a bunch of rice leftover. It is raining hard, and so looks cold and dreary, although at 6am it was 60 out! So I decided to make a casserole with barley cooked with veggies and broth, brown rice, chiles, feta, etc.

Then I thought about dinner and since I had a whole package of mushrooms and a lot of barley I decided to really make it a barely day and made a pot of mushroom barley soup. It still needs something. I'm going to add brandy near the end, so that might just do it. I guess I may be sick of barley and brown rice by tomorrow morning, but somehow I doubt it! And barley casserole makes a good breakfast, even before it is finished. That should fortify me for another day of sitting in front of Quick Books bringing things up to date. Between the construction project and the work on the Celebration, not much accounting got done between August and now.

Well maybe one day it will snow here, but not today! Time to go walk Bacchus in the rain!

Oh, I almost forgot this. Our orange tree is in full blossom. It is a naval orange that Wes has grown for a long time. It smells like jasmine and is in the sunroom attached to our bedroom so we can leave the door open so we can smell it. Last year we had 17 oranges, and they were sweet and juicy. Here is a picture of ababy orange!

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