Friday, January 2, 2009

Lazy Days, Resolutions, etc


get more exercise, lose weight, get more sleep, be more organized, develop new items for the 2009 line, etc

We came back from a white Christmas in NH and didn't slow down until yesterday. Today when I looked in the frig we have plenty of leftovers from entertaining: Sousi with ajika Georgian (as in Russia) Stew with a great basil-cilantro salsa), chicken piccata, baby back ribs and pasta. Where are the greens, the veggies, the tofu? Time to go shopping! So far not much on the resolution list has been started. Wes, Rusty, Bacchus and I did do a walk around the property. It is funny watching the cat follow the dog with us behind them. I did play with my new slab roller and start my experimental boxes and I did start some more faces for the funky necklaces. We did laze around and play scrabble (brain exercising) on my new deluxe scrabble board. Maybe on Monday when we both go back to work we will be more disciplined. It is great to have lazy days, although 2008 was a big event filled year for us, (hard to believe that 7 months ago the back porch was being torn off and the kitchen gutted) I hope 2009 will have great events but maybe be just a little bit slower so we can have more lazy days like today! Or days for gardening and landscaping.

We ordered a bunch of asparagus plants and will be putting in an asparagus bed in the back of the garden. Due to the construction this past summer our garden was very neglected, but this year will be different. Susan and I want to do some plant exchanges and if you have some that you'd like to get in on it with us, let me know!

I hope 2009 brings everything you hope for.


mahanpots said...

Here's to plenty of lazy, brainy and veggie days.

Jennie Lorette Keatts said...

I could get used to it in a hurry!