Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain and the Garden

The sun is peaking out after a healthy rain last night. The garden is bursting forth with all kinds of beautiful things!

Greggii Sage, verbena, Russian sage, mullein pinks

brand new patio garden settling in after a couple weeks

Fox Glove, Malva, Cleomes, Verbena, Apple Mint, Spearmint, Campanula, Rudebeckia, New England Rose


the end of the spinach row and the Egyptian Onions behind it

Swiss Chard (more) coming on really well with (24) tomatoes behind and around it! And that sunflower is a volunteer from last year's garden row and the stem is already almost 3" in diameter!

Squash (2 kinds here) with the Daikon behind it in the raised herb bed. I put that in too late and it is flowering and the daikons are only about 3-4" long and quite spicy. Will try again for a fall crop though! It is blocking out all light from the basil in there, though there are another 45 plants throughout the garden, mixed with all the other crops! Pesto time is here! Wes is an avid gardener and the garden will never be big enough to suit him I don't think!

New raised herb beds. Both parsley's took to it well,and the dill too! Oregano is on the end and the tarragon sprouted but didn't make it.

Asian Cucumber almost ready to be picked!!

And here come the asparagus. Those will be hard to watch for two years before eating! We'll see how disciplined we are next spring when all those purple shoots come out!


Tim Ayers said...

Great garden!

JLK said...

It really is!!! We should be getting a lot from it this year, especially if it continues to rain!

cookingwithgas said...

Yum- looks like a summer feast getting ready to happen!