Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday morning

Yesterday afternoon I went to STARworks Ceramics for a plaster mold making workshop with Hitomi. It was excellent and I learned a lot. I have made a couple molds in the past, but nothing like this! Lots of little things I didn't realize!! Takuro or Hitomi put some pix on their blog http://starworksceramics.blogspot.com/. I was really pleased with how my two molds came out!

Now back to the bench. Trillium Gallery in Little Switzerland is expecting a selection of work from to be sent out by Friday and the Green Hill Center in Greensboro has devoted a window case to my work. If you haven't seen the current show it is well worth it. We went for
Tom Suomalainen's on the 1st of May. He and Wes were neighbors years ago and it was nice for Wes to reconnect and me to connect with Tom. We look forward to his visit to our home! It was a wonderful exhibition and his installation is really amazing. Even better after you hear his talk and the opera that went with it!

One more big bracelet.
I am having fun with these. OK time to make some watches!

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