Friday, May 22, 2009


These are the watch styles I am currently offering for orders and I hope to continue adding to the line. I will also continue to do those one of a kind watches as well! These are available with any of my stone colors in them.

On another note, my molds from Hitomi's mold making class are drying. I am anxious to try my tile mold out. It is a bunny in the garden. I will probably need to pickup some clay especially for this and Takuro at STARworks Ceramics has just the one I need! So maybe one day soon I will have some tiles available in addition to my jewelry! And maybe those boxes I was talking about. I did make a few but then got stuck with doing some glaze experiments for them and running out of time for "messing around"!

Happy Memorial Day weekend. The weather looks great for an outdoor weekend!

(here is one of the reasons I was too busy to make many glazes, I had rock to lay!)

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